"Are You Accepting Donations?"

Posted 30 May 2016

When telling people about our org, they eventually ask about our funding. “Are you accepting donations?” or “How are you paying for this?”

For now, the answers are ‘not yet’, and ‘very cheaply’, but if you’re interested in contributing, read on and sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of the page.

We started pretty much as all non-profits do, with a ‘seed grant’ from our Director in order to get paperwork filed. At the moment we aren’t accepting monetary donations, but we have accepted some computer equipment and volunteer effort. Right now that’s enough, as our efforts to date are mostly ‘intellectual’; but that will change! We have a lot of plans that will require funding including:

  • Awards for our upcoming programming contest at Loudoun Valley High School
  • Our Summer Internship Program
  • An upcoming class on ‘Digital Citizenship’ for Loudoun’s k-5 students
  • T-Shirts for our students for the 2016-17 school year
  • An inventory control and lending system for our ~100 computers
  • Our federal application for 501c3 status (we are already a Virginia non-profit)

And that’s just over the next few months!

Further, we’re looking for non-monetary donations as well. Things like:

  • A conference room where we can regularly meet with students in a classroom setting
  • Equipment donations
  • Relevant writing / classroom experience reports for our blog.
  • Positions on our Advisory Board

Again, if you’d like to contribute, please sign up for the mailing list below.

ps: After setting up our computer lab this weekend and prototyping some “rising 4th grader” summer curriculum, we realize we have an almost immediate need for ~15 pairs of headphones. We’re first seeking recommendations for something sturdy, adjustable, and volume-limiting.