About LoudounCodes

LoudounCodes.org is the trade name and website of the Loudoun Computer Science Initiative, a VA non-profit (501c3 status currently pending) with a mission to support computer science education for Loudoun County's K-12 students.

We do this by:

  • Amplifying the volunteer efforts of other organizations
  • Working with students to mentor them on school and extracurricular projects
  • Providing and enhancing curriculum based on computer science topics
  • Supporting related events within Loudoun County.

Aren't there organizations that do this already?

Yes, but we believe there is an unfilled niche between several current organizations that we can help fill. For instance:

  • TEALS - TEALS is an organization sponsored by Microsoft with a mission to get industry volunteers to assist Math teachers learning to teach computer science; primary a 'train the trainer' organization. They are working with Loudoun County to have a 'Teacher's Assistant' model, and the primary organizer behind LoudounCodes is part of that effort. As they are not a non-profit organization, and their efforts are largely aimed at in-class curriculum, this leaves room for LoudounCodes to amplify and suppliment their efforts.
  • Watchdog DADs - Focused on getting Dads to volunteer at the elementary school level, Watchdog DADs was instrumental in the origin story for LoudounCodes. They are not technology focused, and are primarily concerned with the secondary school level. When our efforts coincide, we anticipate cooperating with this organization in the elementary school classroom
  • CodeVA -CodeVA is a statewide organization, primarily focused on classroom curriculum and teacher education. As a county in Virginia, Loudoun is ahead of most with our use of technology in the classroom and computer science curriculum at the high school level. We anticipate many opportunities to cooperate with CodeVA, as our focus is not related to teacher education.
  • Loudoun Education Foundation - Also focused on Loudoun County, the LEF's mission statement is similar to ours, but not focused on computer science, nor on extracurricular activity or industry involvement.
We believe this leaves room for an organization that can work with all of these organizations, to better coordinate Loudoun's local resources, thus amplifying their effectiveness.