Planning for Summer Activities

Posted 31 May 2016

Are you a rising Computer Science AP student, or a Computer Science student who just finished AP at Loudoun Valley or Woodgrove high schools? Looking for something extracurricular to do this summer? We’re having a summer organizational meeting at the Purcellville Library on June 22nd in the Robey Room..

Rising AP students will meet from 5-7pm, and Post AP students will meet from 7-9pm. So what kind of stuff might we do this summer? I’m glad you asked! Last summer Mr. Snyder (from LVHS) and I worked with several Loudoun Valley students on projects like:

  • building an old school computer from the ground up. This was an incredible experience, as we talked about circuits as we built them. See it in action! We even learned how to program it in Z80 assembly, and several students plan on continuing with this project in 2016.
  • learning advanced algorithms from a coursera course. This wasn’t an easy course, but we went through most of it at our own pace, worked together to solve the problems, and learned a lot that applied directly to our HSPC programming competitions.
  • Just got together, talked about stuff, researched cybersecurity, and played minecraft.

Really, whatever you want to do, bring it up and we’ll talk about it. This isn’t a class with a formal curriculum, this is a bunch of like-minded people forming a ‘community’ with a little bit of professional guidance.

I hope to see you there.