LoudounCodes Game Nights

Posted 17 Oct 2016

Board and card games are like computer science, unplugged. Thinking through the rules of some board games is exactly what we mean when we say ‘Computational Thinking’. They are also social, and just plain fun.

On Oct. 30th at the Rust Library, LoudounCodes will be hosting our first Game Night from 2-5pm (well, game afternoon). If you’re a student at any Loudoun high school, or even home schooled, you’re welcome to join us. We’ll be hosting events at other libraries and for other age ranges in the future too. Please sign up so we can get a headcount.

This isn’t a ‘school vs. school’ competition; we’ll save that for the football teams. If you’d like a chance to meet some of your cohorts from another school, now’s your chance! We’ll have plenty of games and a few people who already know how to play them, and we’ll be teaching them too - there’s no pressure here to be an expert! Feel free to bring a game of your own.

(pictured: several esteemed Loudoun Valley students playing Set.)