Planning for 2017 Summer Activities

Posted 31 May 2017

On Sunday, June 4th at the Purcellville Library, we will be holding a small fair for Loudoun’s high school students interested in computer science. Here’s the agenda:

2:00pm - “A Career in Computer Science” Four industry professionals will talk about their career in software engineering; how they got started, what they learned along the way, and will take questions from the audience. If you’re interested in how to be a ‘career-starter’ with your computer science knowledge, you’ll find this interesting.

3:00pm - “The Fundamental Theorem of Software Engineering” Java Champion and LoudounCodes Director David Bock will present a talk on the fundamental Theorem of Software Engineering. If you’re taken an intro computer science class, you already know it! You might not realize it though, and Mr. Bock will make it part of your programming toolkit. We’ll look at some code examples, and even solve a couple of problems that are often given as coding challenges during interviews.

4:00pm - Planning for Summer Events For the past several summers, LoudounCodes has been meeting at libraries across Loudoun. We’ve worked with students on science fair projects, prepared for AP Computer Science courses, studied a college-level algorithms course, learned to solder, built computers, played with arduino robots, and a bunch of other random geeky activities. There is often no agenda; This isn’t a class with a formal curriculum, this is a bunch of like-minded people forming a ‘community’ with a little bit of professional guidance.

We hope to see you there!