About the Loudoun Computer Science Initative

Computer Science

Computer Science is a lot more than just programming. We are building curriculum for teaching foundational concepts for computer science, as well as algorithms not typically taught until the college level.

Software Engineering

Software engineering is the discipline of using programming to solve real problems working with teams of people. We will be teaching concepts like requirements gathering, version control, testing, and more.

Hands-On with Hardware

In addition to a complete classroom's worth of PC's, Macs, and Raspberry Pis, we'll be working on projects involving robots, circuitry, soldering, etc. We even have curriculum for building a computer from the ground up!

Loudoun County is lucky - most schools across the country do not offer any computer science classes, and our standard high school curriculum contains two. There are some intermediate schools in our county piloting classes as well. Further, we have national and state-level organizations supporting our county.

There is still room to do better. Loudoun is a technological innovation hub filled with high tech companies, and we should be able to leverage the expertise at those companies to offer an enhanced K-12 curriculum.

Our mission is to amplify and focus those county-level resources to provide more educational opportunities to our K-12 students.

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